Reflection Ritual Bundle.


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  • Daughters Look Inward Journal Set
  • UnitedOther Cosmically Incense Rope


Creating space in your life to consciously reflect is necessary to know yourself deeply. Light the Cosmically incense rope and breathe in the scent of earthy, spicy Frankincense and Dammar, two resins that help to both ground you and lighten your spirit. Pour your thoughts, experiences, fears, dreams and intentions into our Look Inward Journal with the Gold Prism rollerball. Our “Journaling Prompts for Transformation and Manifestation” will guide you through your reflection if you need a starting point.


Reflection Ritual (30+ minutes)

Prepare your journaling space for creative flow by lighting a Cosmically incense rope and letting the smoke slowly curl outward into the air of the room. Take in a deep breath and sigh it out. Do that again 2 more times. Settle into your most comfortable, inspired writing nook. If you can’t think of what to reflect on, start listing the things you’re most grateful for at that moment. From there, move towards what you feel challenged by that moment – it could be a small thing or something that is much bigger. Try to not overthink with your head, but rather write from your heart – your feelings, your perceptions. What is blocking you from feeling 100% free? What do you envision for your life? Dare yourself to dream big. And if you need guidance, use the questions on “Journaling Prompts for Transformation and Manifestation” to direct you.

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