Palo Santo (2-sticks)


Palo Santo ("Holy Wood") is a South American tree that is known for its healing properties and has a long spiritual history. The wood is burned as an incense, used for cleansing energy, restoring peace and calm, inspiring creativity, good fortune, and positivity. Naturally  occurring organic compounds limonene and terpineol in the wood produce a scent of citrus and cedar.
  • Sourced from sustainable farming organizations in Peru who believe in regenerative forestation, ethical labor conditionals and socially-responsible business models.
  • Each bundle contains 2 sticks

Samantha WiIliams, co-founder of Daughters. says...

“Palo Santo is a staple in both of our homes. We love to burn it everywhere we go, especially when we travel. The scent creates a natural release of endorphins in the body and immediately invokes a sense of calm wherever we are. Palo Santo is a wild tree native to Ecuador and Peru that’s burned in a nature similar to incense, and has been used as a form of indigenous medicine for generations due to its unique healing aromatherapy properties. Palo Santo cleanses any space of lingering stagnant energy and using it as an aid in your daily rituals will help lighten your mood and clear your mind to make room for added creativity.”

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