Morning Ritual Bundle.


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  • Leaves & Flowers Matcha Genmaicha Green Tea
  • Daughters Palo Santo Bundle (5-sticks)


Start every day with CALM and CREATIVE ENERGY. The green tea in Matcha Genmaicha tea has L-theanine, which increase the neurotransmitters in your brain to promote relaxation. It also releases alpha brain waves, which is the wakeful relaxed state you experience when you meditate or are creative. Palo Santo has been burned and smudged by shamen in Central America for generations to cleanse energy. Breathing the limonene, which gives the wood its citrusy scent, boosts energy, reduces anxiety and enhances creativity.

Morning Ritual. (10 min)

Make a cup of Matcha Genmaicha and find a place to sit in your home that’s quiet and cozy, preferably with some sun. Light the Palo Santo stick and blow it out so that the stick is smoking. Close your eyes and draw a circle with your palo santo in the air from above your head to your navel and back overhead. Take three slow deep breaths as you make three circles. Use the remaining time to sip your tea in silence while breathing in the palo santo scent lingering in the air. Set an intention for your day: How do you want to feel? What do you want to achieve? Continue to breathe deeply with your eyes soft or closed.


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