Bedtime Ritual Bundle.


Save $6 with this ritual bundle!


  • Leaves & Flowers Sleep Tea
  • Daughters Night Ritual Pillow Spray

Ease your body and mind into a restful state before bed by savoring a steaming cup of our Sleep Tea, loaded with natural calming herbs like chamomile, skullcap and California poppy. Spray our Night Ritual Pillow Spray on your sheets, pillows, even your PJs. The unique blend of Lavender, Bergamot, Frankincense and Cypress work together to lower your stress hormones, reduce anxiety and soothe your nerves. You’ll drift off into a peaceful sleep in no time.


Bedtime Ritual (10-15 minutes)

Prepare a cup of Sleep Tea right before you head to bed. Dim the lights and light a candle – we recommend our Chill Out candle to create a soothing, calm environment. Put on some soft music, a meditative playlist that you enjoy zoning out to. As you slowly sip your tea, soften your gaze or close your eyes, and reflect on the following: what did I learn today? And what is my intention for tomorrow? When you’re finished with your tea, head to your bed and spray the Night Ritual Pillow Spray over your sheets, pillow and PJs. Climb in and settle, feeling the coolness of the sheets envelop you. Take a deep cleansing breath and sigh it out, settling in more. Continue to breathe in the scent of the pillow spray deeply, sinking deeper into your bed with each exhale, fully releasing the day. Sweet dreams....

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