Daughters® belongs to all of us.

Our mission is to create a community that supports our individual journeys towards deeper self connection through the practice of daily rituals and storytelling. We want to provide a destination that can further us all in that pursuit. This is currently manifesting online through our channels, and will evolve into spaces IRL in the future.

The more we openly exchange experiences and stories, the more opportunities we have to learn from each other and grow. Daughters® is answering the call from the Universe to help facilitate the storytelling, discussion and subsequent healing we all need and deserve. So the more ideas, practices therapies we hear about from YOU, the more we all benefit. 

Don't hesitate to reach out via email, social or snail mail – we love to be inspired by your experiences, wisdom, a-ha! moments and epiphanies to help us all connect deeper, love harder and grow stronger...together.

Send mail to:


530 S. Hewitt St. #328; Los Angeles, CA 90013

Email us at info@daughtersbrand.com.

Each of us are part of this universal interconnected network, and we all have the power in us to change our lives for the better. We truly look forward to hearing from you.

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