About Daughters.

Feminist writer Audre Lorde’s definition of self-care is relevant today more than ever before –

“Caring for myself is not self indulgence, it is self-preservation.”

The stress we experience now isn’t just made up of fleeting moments, but rather is the culmination of all these moments relentlessly compounding day by day. Having enough downtime to recharge and reflect is becoming a fantasy. The fight against burnout and fatigue is a daily battle.

To us, self-care is a mindset. It could be soaking in a Dead Sea salt bath with a k-beauty sheet mask after a long day. It could be saying NO to work and social obligations to be alone in a park with a book. It’s constantly checking in with yourself to acknowledge your needs. It’s you holding space for YOU. It’s prioritizing YOUR NEEDS above everything else that’s screaming for your attention. Because that practice will create a ripple effect across your life. You’ll be a better everything for everyone. But most importantly, you’ll be a better YOU for yourself. Now, sheetmasks and bath salts obviously aren’t going to tell you the meaning of life, but they WILL give you a moment of peace for self-reflection, and that’s pure gold.

Our world is rich with cultural philosophies about living and healing therapies, handed down through generations of women, from mothers to daughters in an endless cycle of nurturing. When you augment your self-acknowledgment with this accessible wisdom from other women around the world – who empathize with your challenges and remind you to prioritize yourself – you’ll be that much closer to gaining the perspective you need to live the life you deserve.

Samantha Williams, co-founder.

Daughter of healers. Passion-seeker. Dog-mom.

"While I couldn’t fully appreciate my mom’s sacrifices growing up, I always knew our parents loved and supported us unconditionally. My mom is a natural born caretaker. She helped raise her 3 siblings growing up and later became an ER nurse where she met my dad. She is our rock, and always puts our family above all else. Several years ago, I remember she spent months caring for family in the children’s hospital and the ICU, followed by weeks with my grandmother in hospice care until she passed. The mental and physical strain of that year deteriorated my mom’s health, but we didn’t realize the full extent of her pain and exhaustion until it was all over."

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Ellen Wong, co-founder.

Daughter of immigrants. Solo-travel addict. Self-care evangelist.

"Growing up, my mom was a stay-at-home mom that always put her family’s needs before her own. She took in my grandma after her cancer surgery and single-handedly cared for her the next 12 years as my grandma’s Alzheimer’s went from bad to worse. Even though I saw my mom’s vitality deteriorating underneath the strain, she refused to take time for herself to recharge, hardwired by her sense of filial duty from her traditional Taiwanese upbringing. The day of my grandma’s funeral, my mom nearly collapsed from the built-up exhaustion. It was terrifying to witness and i couldn’t help but think, 'What could I have said or done to force her to prioritize herself?'"

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