Mood-lifting Ritual.

(2 minutes)


It’s so easy to get caught in our daily cycles, where we forget to stop and breathe. That can affect our mood, so using an aromatherapy spray can provide a few minutes to stop, breathe, relax and refocus. Our Euphoric Aromatic Mist is floral, earthy and citrusy, with clary sage, grapefruit and orange essential oils that help elevate your mood. Our Anew Organic Spray uses lemon, grapefruit, juniper berry and rose essential oils to dispel stagnant energy and call in some positivity.

Use either the Euphoric Aromatic Mist or the Anew Organic spray. Close your eyes and spritz the mist all around your face, breathing in deeply as you do. Spend one minute with your eyes closed, breathing in the scent and counting your breaths one by one until you get to 10. Focus on releasing the stress that you have built up so far. Say to yourself,

“I’m releasing _______ because it’s not serving me.”