Facial Ritual.

(25 minutes)


Your face is the only one like it that exists in this world – nurture and love it. 

Fill a bowl with hot water and drop in a quarter of the Eucalyptus Steam Cube. Cover your head with a towel and place it close to the bowl, taking a series of deep breaths. Notice the minty coolness through your nasal passages and lungs. Take note of how your head feels. Steam for about 5 minutes or until the eucalyptus and peppermint scent have faded. Take a small bowl and add 2 spoonfuls of the Botanical Clay Mask in there, filling it with just a small amount of water, enough to make a thick paste. If you have a facial brush, use that to paint the mask over your face, avoiding your eyes and lips. If you don’t, you can use your fingers. As you’re painting, take the time to look at yourself in the mirror. Softly or silently say these words:

“There is only one face in the world like this. Every flaw I see is here to teach me something important. I’m grateful for what these imperfections bring to my life. This face brings joy to the people that love me. I will respect and love it as they do.”

Let the mask dry for about 10 minutes, until the edges are hard but the middle remains damp. Gently wash it off with a warm cloth, taking care not to scrub too harshly. Finally, lock in the moisture with the Anti-aging Face/Eye serum. Dab a drop over each cheek, forehead and chin. With a circular motion, start rubbing the oil into your skin, starting from the inside of the face and work towards the outer, from the top downward. Be conscious of how your skin feels after the steam and the mask. Pay attention to the texture. Use all your senses to truly SEE yourself.