Bath Ritual. (30+ minutes)


Turn your own bathtub into a sanctuary of peaceful restorative healing.

Prepare your tub with love and intention – this is your chance to do something really kind for yourself. You’ve more than earned it. Light a candle, put on some soft music, grab a book, whatever makes you feel nurtured. Fill up the tub and pour in half a jar of the Volcanic Mineral Bath Soak. Sink in and just let your mind and body release into the warmth. Close your eyes. Take three deep, full breaths. Reflect on your day:

What are three things that I'm grateful for right at this moment?

Continue to consciously breathe deeply. Soak as long as it takes to feel the day washed off your body. When you’re finished, take the Bath + Body oil and begin massaging your wet skin, starting with your arms and working downward towards your legs. Feel your skin and notice its texture. Take a moment to appreciate each body part for what it brings to your life – your arms for being strong and helping you accomplish all the things. Your torso for carrying all the organs that keeps you running and gives you life every day. Your legs for carrying you to all the places you go.