Eucalyptus Facial Steam Cubes (Set of 2)

Pure + Native

  • Made exclusively for Daughters.
  • Blend of natural clays, salts and pure essential oils
  • Each box contains a single cube to be used as a facial steam or in the shower
  • Handcrafted in Los Angeles
  • Paper box and biodegradable shrink wrap packaging

Sandee Ferman and Callie Milford, the mother/daughter team behind NoTox Life say...

“As a facial steam, you really don’t need much, even a quarter of the cube will be enough. Drop it in a bowl of hot water, cover your head with a towel over the bowl, and breathe in deeply. The eucalyptus is great for the mucus membranes and lungs, and peppermint is cooling and awakening. So if you are stuffy, dealing with allergies, or just exhausted, breathe in the vapors for several minutes under the steam tent. For the face, it will also help clear out the pores by steam action.

In the shower, put a cube or half a cube to the side of the shower, where you can breathe the vapors but it doesn’t wash away. Splash it with a bit of hot water to start the fizzing and over the next 8-12 minutes it will dissolve and release the essential oils into your shower steam. It’s great after the gym and eucalyptus even has the benefit of helping kill mold (for anyone who has a shower that doesn’t ventilate well).” 

*If stored in a cool dark place, the peppermint crystalize and form menthol. If this happens, simply brush the crystals into the bowl for added aromatherapy during your facial steam.

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