#WeAreAllDaughters: Susanna, mom and life coach for special needs families

#WeAreAllDaughters: Susanna, mom and life coach for special needs families

We Are All Daughters: A Mother’s Journey Through Special Needs

“I am a mixed race (native Taiwanese + European), multi-cultural, single ‘mompreneur’ happily (and proudly!) in her mid-40s raising a pre-teen daughter on the autism spectrum. I am devoted to changing the conversation within the special needs world to one where there is endless hope and unlimited possibilities (for EVERYONE affected by special needs) and specifically that individuals who have special needs are not broken and therefore do not need to be “fixed.” We are all perfect intact souls on this earth, here to make a difference in our own lives and each other’s but tapping into our specific purpose / gifts.” — Susanna

We spoke to Susanna about her challenges in learning how to raise a child with special needs while still maintaining her own mental well-being. Susanna’s journey led her to become a life coach for other families with special needs children, and also a master reiki healer in the process.

Susanna packed our conversation with so much insight and wisdom from her experiences that it was a challenge to edit the video down to 15 minutes. She spoke about the guilt she experienced in not wanting to prioritize her own needs over caring for her daughter, something that we have heard often from other mothers we’ve talked to. And she emotionally recounted the pain and depression she had experienced while learning how to find the balance between the energy she spent on being a mother and the energy she needed to protect for her own sanity.

This is a must-watch for any woman who knows first-hand the burnout from giving too much of herself, whether it’s kids, spouse, aging parents or career. We hope you find Susanna’s story as inspiring as we do.

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