it’s a wrap!

it’s a wrap!

We just finished our first video shoot for daughters. with my personal trainer Lara Karapetian at the personal training studio she created 3 years ago — FitProsLA. I attribute a lot of my courage to leave my career to Lara. Every week when I trained with her, she was making me both stronger physically and emotionally. The latter is not something I expected to come from a trainer, but Lara is a unicorn in that regard — so full of positivity and hope and belief in others, it’s infectious. I left every session feeling good about pushing my physical limits, and inspired to find more fulfillment and purpose in my work. Seeing Lara literally “doing it” and putting in the effort to make her business work was just sheer motivation for me to do the same. I couldn’t think of a better person to feature first than her.

It’s been such a wild ride getting to this point that I can’t believe we actually pulled it off. Just three short weeks ago, we still hadn’t reached out to any women about being interviewed. And now, we have 16 completed interviews just waiting to be shot, with four of them happening this week alone.

I need to catch my breath.

Throughout this entire journey so far, Sam and I have been marveling in gratitude and wonder at how the Universe has just opened these opportunities up to us. If there were any lingering doubts that we aren’t supposed to be doing this, they have all faded away. It’s hard not to sound gushy and excited, but we’ve been repeatedly humbled by the willing transparency, the thoughtfulness in reflection, the wisdom gained and heartfelt humility of the women we’ve been speaking to. There are so many stories we’ve been reading through shared emails — losses, rebirths, realizations, evolutions — and with every one that we read, the more convicted I become that the work we’re doing is not just positive and inspirational, but truly necessary.

I feel so utterly blessed. That’s something y’all will be hearing A LOT from me over the next year and beyond…

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